faces of transition

– We were here.
– We usually met at seven in the evening. There was nobody who could see us there. I noticed we have no shadows.  
– When? yesterday we were not here.
– I remember my first kiss. I don`t remember her name.
– We are nowhere.
– The trees seemed darker, the air was unbreathable, the sun was lost. At five years old I fell from the walnut tree we had in our garden.
– We are here.
– Ileana I believe. Ileana was the name of the woman I first kissed. I remember the green gate.
– Will we be here tomorrow?

The contemporary masks represent an archaic world rooted in the Romanian mythology of the iele nymphs, rendering the distorted faces of those who have witnessed their profane dance and song. Together, the masks form a dialogue made of scattered memories in atemporal spaces, revealing the transitional process towards the sacred. They were designed either as a whole tapestry or as nine individual pieces, each of them transmitting its own, unique message. The masks are made in Romania using discarded wool in natural color dyed with natural plants and acid dyed using solely traditional processing methods

Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm